Seven Tips For Choosing A Winning Domain Name

Finding the Perfect Domain Name 4U

  1. Make it a brandable one

    A domain name represents your company online 24/7 —in the form of a URL. Make sure it actually sounds like a brand.

    Keep it simple and memorable. Avoid stringing words together or anything that makes it sound unnatural and complicated. For example; that domain name is an inferior choice compared to options like “” or “”.

  2. Make it pronounceable

    Pronounceability is important. It needs to have something called processing fluency: the ease with which our brains can process information. Names that don’t require a person to think too hard are usually the easiest to remember, and most likely with the addition of 4U to .com you will inspire positive associations.

    Keep it simple: make it easy for your customers to remember you!

  3. Keep it short if you can

    Shortness can help keep a domain name simple and memorable. The key is to strike a balance. Go for something brief, but don’t mangle your name by hacking off whole parts of words.

  4. Go or better

    When it comes to extensions, the multiples of new extension are confusing to most people, “.com” is still the easiest to remember and most often used. In fact, ¾ of all websites use a “.com” extension, and by adding 4U to .com you make your site more personal and still retain the page ranking benefits of the .com extension.

  5. Avoid trademark infringement & confusion

    With your domain name is distinctive. Don’t let it easily be confused with the name of another site or brand. After all, you don’t want any lawsuits on your hands. If your domain name infringes on a trademark, you could be sued and forced to give up the domain. Before you register your domain name, you can check to see if it violates any US trademarks at

  6. Make it instantly intuitive

    A good domain name should give users a good idea of what your business is all about. The best domain names let potential customers know right away to what they’ll find on your site.

    Additionally, instant intuitiveness creates instant recall for your domain name. When people can grasp your site’s concept just from the domain name, you can bet that it’s going to stick in their minds.

  7. Use Keywords sensibly

    Keywords in your domain name will help. However, you should avoid including exact match phrases. Doing so can actually hurt your brand.

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